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Trust and Understanding: the value of metadata in a digitally joined-up world

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From 14/05/2018 To 15/05/2018National Archives of Belgium: Rue de Ruysbroeck 2 - 1000 BrusselsTariffs : Free admissionContact : - + 32 2 513 76 80

Storing, securing and making born-digital or digitised information available in a sustainable manner is a major challenge. Concepts such as metadata, Meta Information, Open Data, Big Data… are on the rise but their meaning and content - let alone their societal  impact - is only seldom questioned. The WG Sustainable Publishing of (Meta)data therefore organised a workshop with the central theme “(meta)data and archival science”.

This workshop took place on 14 and 15 May 2018 at the National Archives of Belgium in Brussels. Issues regarding (meta)data were addressed from different viewpoints implementing an integrated approach by focussing on both technical and practical aspects of (meta)data (Click here to download the program of the workshop):

  • Metadata, a path to standardisation. This session was dedicated to specific challenges regarding sustainable archiving and availability of digital information, such as the use and implementation of international standards.
  • Metadata and Society. The second session focussed on new opportunities and challenges arising in a digital society, e.g., the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for cultural heritage (EU) and eIDAS.
  • Metadata communication and interoperability. The final session addressed communication between archival institutions and researchers, both at the level of technological components and at the level of researchers’ expectations and options that European portal websites such as EHRI, Cendari, Archives Portal Europe and Europeana offer. These infrastructures play a key role in introducing new technologies and best practises.  

By organising this workshop, the workgroup wanted to share knowledge, know-how and tools within the DARIAH community and offer answers to questions evoked in the dialogue between the archival sector and its users, in particular arts and humanities researchers. One answer to address these issues is to create a persistent network of people and institutions having participated in the workshop. The results of this workshop will be published in DARIAH-HAL, on this webpage and on ABB. Tijdschrift voor Archief- en Bibliotheekwezen.

The results of the workshop

Titel Auteur Artikel Presentatie
Introduction Rolande DEPOORTERE, Tom GHELDOF, Dorien STYVEN, Johan VAN DER EYCKEN PDF --
Archival metadata import strategies in EHRI Francesco GELATI / Charlotte HAUWAERT PDF PPT
The introduction of EAD3 in Archives Portal Europe. Means for further disclosure Wim VAN DONGEN -- PPT
Building bridges: preparing the automated transfer of metadata for an upcoming data archive in Belgium by mapping the metadata standards of archives and social sciences Benjamin PEUCH PDF PPT
Close-reading of linked data: a case study in regards to the quality of online authority files Ettore RIZZA, Anne CHARDONNENS, Seth VAN HOOLAND PDF PPT
Importance of data standardization and neda-cm implementation in an archival repository: pares Ana LÓPEZ CUADRADO PDF --
The standardization survival kit: for a wider use of metadata standards within arts and humanities Charles RIONDET, Laurent ROMARY PDF PPT
Titel Auteur Artikel Presentatie
Hidden data and the historical record. Knowledge Complexity Mike PRIDDY -- --
Behind the scenes of web archiving Metadata of harvested websites Emmanuel DI PRETORO, Friedel GEERAERT, Sébastien SOYEZ PDF --
Metadata and the digital Transition: the Case of the Belgian Digital Act” Sébastien SOYEZ PDF --
Guidelines for data sharing and data citation in social sciences and humanities journals perspectives and insights from the cost action enressh Marc VANHOLSBEECK, Tim ENGELS, Andreja ISTENIC STARCIC PDF PPT
Data reuse charter Sally Chambers -- PPT
Titel Auteur Artikel Presentatie
Data processing and sustainability with a large-scale aggregator: the UK archives hub Jane STEVENSON PDF --
Digital description and metadata at the national archives. Digital strategy Jone GARMENDIA PDF PPT
Modern times (semi-)automatic enrichment of metadata Eric DE RUIJTER PDF PPT
EHRI vocabularies and linked open data: an enrichment? Annelies VAN NISPEN PDF PPT
Advanced search strategies in Europeana Frederik TRUYEN PDF --
Conclusion, a vision for the future Johan VAN DER EYCKEN, Dorien STYVEN, Tom GHELDOF, Rolande DEPOORTERE PDF --
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