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The State Archives offers free online access to millions of digitised archival documents via its search engines. As it is not always easy to get a clear view of all the documents available, this page offers straightforward access to the main archival collections of our institution through a chronologically/topically sorted overview. In the digitisation process, priority is given to backbone series of archives with a high research potential.

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  1. Maps and plans
  2. Genealogical sources
  3. Photographs, posters and other iconographic material
  4. Middle Ages
  5. Early Modern Times
  6. 19th and 20th century
  7. First World War
  8. Second World War


For a complete overview of all digitised archives of the State Archives that can be accessed online click here. You can filter the list by repository, category and period.


Help us making archives accessible

Many digitised archive series such as the registers of sentences are bulk archives that have not yet been made accessible in detail. If you are interested in helping us in this task as a volunteer, please contact us by e-mail to We may then propose a tailor-made work package. e-Procurement