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You want to consult original archive documents, digital archives, and archives on microfilm or search the databases developed by the State Archives of Belgium? Visit us at one of our reading rooms! The reading rooms of the State Archives are open to everyone: researchers, students, amateur historians, genealogists, notaries public, land surveyors, pensioners, and many more.

At each visit you must present your access card (personal reader's card), available for free on site since 1 June 2018

When you register at one of our reading rooms, the personnel will ask for your identity card (ID) or passport and will take a photograph of you. Then, you must sign the registration form, after which you will receive your personal access card. If you visit a State Archives reading room for the first time, you will be given a tour of the reading room and a personnel member will show you the main reference publications.

At each visit, you must hand over your reader’s card to the reading room personnel. You will get it back when you leave. This personal card allows you to consult paper archives, digital archives and library publications.

The visitor regulations apply to every reading room of the State Archives of Belgium.

You wish to consult and/or reproduce archive documents not accessible to the public? These are archives not older than 30 years, documents containing personal information subject to the law on the protection of privacy, private archives containing sensitive information subject to particular consultation modalities fixed by the depositor, and so on. In this case, you need to submit a written request beforehand and fill in a research declaration

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