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DIGHIMAPS - Digital Maps and Archives. Activating Cartographic Collections in a Digital World

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In the past decade, high-resolution mass digitisation of historical maps, for example within the framework of the CARTESIUS project, has enabled the large public to explore map collections using easily available geographic search engines. Now has come the time to go one step further: meticulous georeferencing and vectorisation of maps and (semi-)automatic recognition of their content shall enable us to link more and more maps to other digital contents. Initiatives such as the European Time Machine aspire to achieve a technological breakthrough that establishes a ‘Big Data of the Past’.

Building on the work already undertaken in digitisation and geolocation, the FED-tWIN project DIGHIMAPS examines the potential of digital cartographic collections as a key to this new digital environment.


The DIGHIMAPS project is funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) as a part of the research programme FED-tWIN. It is carried out in collaboration with the State Archives and the University of Antwerp.


Scientific committee

Promoters are Marc Carnier for the State Archives and Tim Soens for the University of Antwerp.


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