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Nico Wouters

CegeSoma - Study Centre War and Society


Square de l'Aviation 29
Tel. : 025569218


Nico Wouters is Head of CegeSoma, associated professor at University of Ghent and (co-)editor in chief of the Journal of Belgian History. His fields of scientific expertise are the history of the Second World War (local administrations, policy of the lesser evil, persecution of the Jews, historiography, Resistance, postwar processing and remembrance of the war) and the role of the states and public authorities in the remembrance and history policy.  He writes articles for the platform about the adminsitraiton and the policy of the least evil. He is currently orking on a study about the resistance in Flanders during WWII.

A full list of publications an be found at:


- Head of Cegesoma (Operational Directorate IV of the State Archives), departement head a.i.

- Editor in chief of the Journal of Belgian History

- Promoter research project 'Transmemo' (BRAIN)


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